Doing business with Russia? Then make sure your paperwork is in order!

Travelling to Russia on business? Then you’re going to need an official letter of invitation to obtain your Russian business visa.

Why? Because this invitation is an essential document to obtain your visa, as information from the invitation is needed to complete a Russian Visa Application Form.

A business invitation to Russia may be issued by any of the following:

  • the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs or its regional representatives;
  • the Russian Federal Migration Service or its local offices;
  • an authorised Russian company.

Trying to sort out your business visa can be a daunting task. But fear not – help is at hand. Here at RNTO, we make the whole visa application process quick and easy … and that includes arranging your official letter of invitation. The whole process can be arranged online.

Here are a few facts to be aware of before you start…

As part of the invitation ordering process, you will need to e-mail us a scanned colour copy of your passport information page, visa start date, employer name and your position within the company.

  • Your passport must be valid for at least six months beyond the date you plan to leave Russia.
  • An invitation can be issued for a single- or double-entry visa valid for 3 months, or multiple-entry visa for 12 months.


It’s also worth knowing that your Russian visa application cannot be processed until the invitation letter has been issued. So make sure you get the ball rolling early, to leave enough time (2-4 weeks) for the whole process to be completed.

Our online service takes you through all the necessary requirements for obtaining a letter of invitation, and then the all-important visa itself. And if you get stuck or have a question you’d like to ask, our friendly, helpful staff are just a phone call away.

So whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, there’s only one place to go – RNTO! For all your visa requirements, we’re your one-stop shop!