Happy Russia Day!

Today is an important day in the Russian calendar.

Russia Day is a national day of celebrations which features plenty of flag hoisting, parades, fireworks, awards ceremonies, singing of patriotic songs and the National anthem, speeches by the president, entertainment and cultural programmes.

It’s the national holiday of the Russian Federation, and has been celebrated annually since 1992 to commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of State Sovereignty of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (RSFSR) on 12 June 1990. The passage of this Declaration by the First Congress of People's Deputies marked the beginning of constitutional reform in the Russian Soviet state.


People celebrate this important date in Russia’s recent history by attending concerts and firework displays in cities throughout the country. Prominent Russian writers, scientists and humanitarian workers receive state awards from the President, and most public offices and schools are closed. If the day falls on a weekend, the public holiday shifts to the following Monday.

However, not everyone celebrates Russia Day. For some Russians, it brings back bitter memories, because the collapse of the Soviet Union initially led to severe unemployment and poverty.

The day has been celebrated in different ways over recent years. In 2002, about 5000 representatives from across the country took part in a pageant in Moscow which stretched from Tverskaya Zastava to Manezh Square. The highlight in 2003 was an air show, which included the ‘Russian Knights’ and ‘Swifts’ aerobatic teams. Su and MiG planes left a trail forming the Russian flag.

In 2004, Red Square witnessed a historical military parade. Its members – soldiers of the Russian army and representatives of 89 regions – dressed in national costumes, represented the most significant milestones of Russian history. In 2007, celebrations took place in hundreds of cities. In Krasnoyarsk, for example, thousands of people in white, blue and red robes formed a tricolour more than a kilometre long.


In 2008, Russia Day celebrations lasted from 11 to 14 June. In Tomsk a ‘Wooden Carnival’ displayed a huge wooden Russian rouble, one hundred times the size of the coin. In Samara, enthusiasts reconstructed the forces of Minin and Pozharsky from 1612 in the Polish–Muscovite War. In Moscow, the holiday included a three-hour concert and concluded a six-month contest to decide the ‘Seven Wonders of Russia’.

In 2009 residents of Volgograd formed a map of the country covering 127 square metres. In Sevastopol, youths passed through the city centre carrying a 30-metre flag of Russia. In Moscow, Revolution Square witnessed the painting of a two-metre Khokhloma doll, and for the first time at the Ostankino Tower, the state flag was displayed.

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