Russia’s Kola Peninsula – an angler’s dream come true!

Have you ever dreamed of landing a huge salmon in some remote, pristine river in Russia’s vast wilderness? Then dream no more – because now you can do it for real! Because here at RNTO, we’ve started offering fishing trips to the northern rivers of the Kola Peninsula.

This is no ordinary, run-of-the-mill fishing trip, of course, as the territory is extremely remote. But that means it’s unspoiled by human intervention, and as a result, the fishing here is truly out of this world!

The northern rivers of the Kola Peninsula include the Kharlovka, Eastern Litza, Rynda and Zolotaya – some of the very best Atlantic salmon rivers in the world. Because the region is so remote, our excursions are organised with military precision. It’s a unique challenge to any angler, but the potential rewards are huge, as you can imagine.


Our tours begin in Helsinki, with a 1-hour helicopter ride to your lodge in Murmansk. After a brief safety talk and introduction to the arrangements for the week ahead, it’s another brief helicopter ride to your allocated fishing spot.

It’s an angler’s dream come true! There’s an English-speaking guide for every two anglers, each with an intimate knowledge of the area and all the skills required to ensure safe and enjoyable days fishing. They know where the fish lie and the flies and techniques to catch them in all water conditions. They have everything they need to support you on your days trips, even preparing a hot lunch for you on the riverbank.

The schedule is fairly flexible, to suit each individual’s needs, with the option to try your hand at trout and char fishing if you wish. Full-board is provided, and all alcohol is included. And when your unforgettable adventure is over, we’ll ferry you back to Helsinki by helicopter.

The salmon in this area really are legendary (the biggest fish caught on the Litza was 47.5lb). And to keep it that way, as part of the area’s conservation programme, all fishing is on a ‘catch & release’ basis only.

As you’d expect when fishing in such remote locations, safety is paramount, so we use only the best, most reliable equipment, and there’s a fully qualified doctor in residence throughout the season.

From the moment you arrive in Murmansk, everything is included: private wooden lodges fitted out to the highest standard, full-board catering prepared by chefs, all alcohol and all transfers. From fly-tying facilities to a hot, relaxing sauna, it’s all laid on to make your adventure-of-a-lifetime even more special.

So if you’re angling for something truly memorable, check out our fantastic fishing trips today – see the website for details.