Parlez-vous Russian?

There’s no denying it – Russian isn’t the easiest of languages to learn for people in the West, especially as there’s a whole new alphabet to go with it. But more than 260 million people speak it all over the world, so if they can, then you should at least have a go yourself!

Before visiting Russia or during your stay, why not take a few lessons? And you’re sure to pick up a few useful words and phrases if you join one of our great guided tours. You can learn Russian in a range of locations around the UK, or in Russia by taking group, individual or online lessons to suit a whole range of abilities (or lack thereof!).

Here are a few options that come highly recommended…

  • King’s College London is among the oldest universities in the UK. Its Modern Language Centre (MLC) was established in 1987 to teach modern languages and offer an insight into the culture of the countries where these languages are spoken. Seven levels of Russian are on offer on the MLC Evening and Tailor-Made Programmes, with a reputation for excellence in teaching. All staff are native speakers or have native fluency in the language they teach, and tuition is conducted as far as possible in the target language.
  • The Russian Language Centre located at Pushkin House in London offers individual, group and corporate tuition. With more than 30 groups and over 150 individual and corporate students, RLC runs more Russian courses than any other language school in the country.
  • Znaniye offers Russian classes for children aged 3-18 in East, Central and West London. It’s an accredited examination centre for GCSE and A-levels in the Russian Language, and offers a comprehensive language course, helping you achieve high levels of writing, reading and speaking. The School offers extra-curricular activities such as drama, music and art lessons, as well as Russian classes for adults at all levels in small groups through its qualified and experienced teachers.
  • Russia Local provides high-quality Russian language tuition (in London and online), cultural awareness training as well as courses like ‘Doing business in Russia’ and ‘Selling to Russian customers’.
  • Polword Ltd offers a wide variety of group courses and individual language training for both personal and professional requirements.