Vladivostok Airport

Vladivostok Airport


Vladivostok International Airport has its own strategic importance to the region’s air transportation system, being situated at the intersection of air routes between Russia’s Far East and the countries of the Asia-Pacific region.

The airport occupies a leading position in terms of passenger traffic among the airports of the Far East region. At the end of 2013, the number of passengers served by the airport reached 1 853 000 for the first time.

The airport’s route network serves more than 30 destinations operated by Avrora, Aeroflot, Transaero, S7 Airlines, North Wind, Yakutia Airlines, Korean Airlines, China Southern, Air Koryo and more.

Vladivostok International Airport is 44 km from the city of Vladivostok and 5 km from Artem city centre.

Every 20 minutes, shuttle bus number 7 runs between the airport and the centre of Artem, visiting the Sevastopol stop (Airport electric stop), as well as at Artem bus station.

To Vladivostok

  • Bus number 107
  • In Vladivostok, you can also take a long-distance bus from the Artem bus station.

To the city of Nakhodka

  • Bus number 601 (leaves from the station square). Also using this route are buses from the Artem bus station.
  • Train from the station to the Airport train station (bus number 7, Sevastopol).

To the city of Ussurisk

  • Bus number 564, 609, 601, 555, 552, 520 (departing from the station square). Also using this route are buses from the Artem bus station.

To the city of Arseniev

  • Bus number 520 (departing from the station square).
  • Bus number 609 (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). Also using this route are buses from the Artem bus station.

Bus schedule

Vladivostok - Bus 107

Nakhodka - bus 601, 609

Ussurisk - buses 564, 609, 601, 552, 520

Arseniev - bus 520

Partizansk - bus 564

Bolshoy Kamen - Bus 555

Spassk - bus 609

Nakhodka - The Edge - bus 604


Taxi services in Vladivostok Airport are provided by the PrimAutoLine Company. PrimAutoLine is the official carrier of Vladivostok International Airport. The taxi order counter is located in the centre of the terminal in front of the escalator. The official carrier guarantees passenger safety, new and serviceable cars and fixed prices. On request, account/report documents can be provided for business travellers. 

Call your taxi on: (423) 244-44-44; 292-25-55; (908) 992-25-55


Electric trains

The latest train schedules can be obtained from the Inquiry Service of the Train Operator - "Primorye Express":
8 (423) 2-245-431, 8 (800) 775-00-00.