Imperial Route


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Imperial Route

In 1913, Russia marked the 300th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty with lavish celebrations in St Petersburg and Moscow, gatherings of European nobility and Orthodox clergy, processions, and extravagant balls led by Czar Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra. Five years later, on 15 March 1917, the last Russian emperor, Nicholas II, abdicated and the final period of his life began, which ended one year, four months and two days later in one of the most tragic moments in Russian history. On 13 August 1917 at 06.10, a train left Tsarskoe Selo heading east. Most of the wagons were filled with guards, but in one single wagon was the former imperial family; they would never return. The ruling dynasty had come to an end.


July 2018 marks the 100th anniversary of the execution of the Russian royal family by their Bolshevik captors, one of the most shocking events in 20th-century history. On this tour, you will visit places inextricably linked with the imperial family and this tragic period in their life.

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