Observing the Amur Tiger in the Far East

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1 Jan 1970


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Observing the Amur Tiger in the Far East

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 Visiting the lands where the activities are held to support the tiger population in the Far East.

During this expeditionary tour you will get acquainted with the Amur tiger, a representative of one of the largest land predators of our planet and one of the smallest in number subspecies of tigers listed in the Red Book. The Amur Tiger is the only one of its relatives managed to live in the snow.

You will watch the largest predator among the tiger subspecies, the Amur tigers predominate other subspecies. The Amur tiger weight can reach 200 – 250 kg, its height can be more than 1 meter, and the length of its body can be 3 meters or longer without its tail. In comparison with the Amur tiger, Chinese and Sumatran tigers seem to be just dwarves - the weight of adult male tigers rarely exceeds 130 kg. The Amur tiger is one of the largest predators. The tigers are inferior by weight only to white and brown bears.

Visit the paths where they make rounds of their domain, see what marks they leave on trees, learn how they try to outwit their relatives leaving these marks. You will also have an opportunity to visit the den where a female tiger brings cubs once every three years. You will feed and monitor the tiger population. You will be able to set your personal camera trap that will take photo of a tiger and it will be your unique shot.

You will also have an opportunity to get to know the life of the indigenous people of the Far East, taste the local cuisine and watch their rituals.

We invite you to discover the life of hunters, fishermen and visit winter huts where you can stay overnight if you wish. And feel like a real hunter.

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