Tour “Altai Express”

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Tour “Altai Express”

Six days that combine a bright palette of adventures. You will have time to try the taste of Altai and see its colour, immerse yourself in its caves and stories, and most importantly - look into its eyes, shimmering like gems. Touch the beauty!

Don't miss 2 specific times of the year!

May 4 (Festival "Blooming of Maralnik". Maralnik is a mountain rose, or Ledum, or Altaian cherry tree, Rhododendron Ledeburii - this plant has many names. It is a symbol of coming spring. When sakura blossoms in Japan, the slopes of the Altai mountains are covered with lilac carpet of a mountain rhododendron. Photo-stops are planned exactly in those places where this miracle of nature is best presented, so that photographers have an excellent opportunity to take unique shots of blooming mountains).

September 14 (Turquoise Katun: in autumn the water of the mountain river Katun becomes unusually turquoise in colour with golden mountains on background. Greenish sandstone and clear water without impurities and sediment with mainly spring feed causes this unique phenomenon).




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